It is a sin not to try

This message is for you, It is a sin not to try, yes because sometimes you are very worried, discouraged. We are a little sad when things are not as we want.
Let’s flex on failure:
Failure will be punishment … it will be sin. Failure is not a sin, but it is a sin not to try. When you don’t try there, we do have a very serious problem, because we are free to fail, we have all failed in life, we have all failed with something in life. You and I, each of us have to disconnect from that culture that punishes failure, so it is important to remember that mistakes can be transformed into experiences and then become the best opportunity of your life, of our life. Then we will laugh at the things, the falls, the mistakes we made because they are going to help us how to jump, how to move forward in life, because they are going to fill us with great experiences and motivated us to do things much better here where is the key to your success. Yes, that is why many people who fail in their business, in their sports careers, in their artistic or academic attempts, when they feel failure, they feel horrible stress, yes, they feel that depression or sadness has already arrived. Some wonder why God allows me to fail? He could not, He, have been and prevented him from making that mistake … does he not want him to have a good Christian testimony?
St. Paul expressed in Philippians 1 – 21 … because for me, living is in Christ. And if you live in Christ, you can fail, you can criticize it, condemn it, you can criticize it many times and make fun of your projects, but if you insist, insist, get up, get up … that’s the key to your success in your life. Failures expose us, come back and prepare to be willing. Through his failures, the Lord can enlighten us in our hearts and expose our true, internal situation before him, his light shows us that we are nothing before ourselves. In the light of God we are humble, our self-confidence is broken and we have to be independent. When we are an open vessel Christ can come and fill us, so that the Lord may grow in us. We must not be discouraged, we have all failed. However, we will experience failures and when they happen we can give our consent to these failures giving Christ more opportunity to be more open … to what? to grow, to progress further, to look at things from another side, to try for other angles that we had not seen the situations … and we will open many doors, great opportunities. Discouragement and disappointment cannot defeat a child of God. You can’t give up, you can do everything with Christ that strengthens me, says Philippians. Yes, raise your hands, raise your hands that your triumphs come here, your successes, the amount of things you didn’t expect. Let yourself be surprised by God!


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